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主题 : 2013年考博英语听力中影响理解的词组
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1) a big time:尽兴,高兴的时刻 WoM;)Q  
e.g. I had a big time there. the big time:第一流,最高级 e.g. Don’t worry you are in the big time now. c?5?TJpm  
2) according to:按照,根据 oCfO:7  
e.g. They were commended or criticized according to their work. according as:随……而定 V%h,JA  
e.g. The thermometer rises or falls according as the air is hot or cold. =~zsah6N  
3) admit to:承认 +t*V7nW  
e.g. I have to admit to a dislike for modern music. admit sb.(in) to:允许某人进入某地或加入某组织、行业 '8%jA$o\g  
e.g. They have admitted me into their club. YP E1s  
4) all for:完全赞成 4>^LEp  
e.g. I am all for holding a meeting to discuss it. for all:尽管 @)#EZQix  
e.g. They could not open the box for all their forces. Hg&.U;n  
5) all in all:总的说来 ;w/@_!~  
e.g. All in all it is a success. all in:疲倦,筋疲力尽 WwsH7X)  
e.g. He was all in but he stuck it out. b?{MXJ|  
6) as it is (was):照目前的情况来看 "; 1@f"k w  
e.g. As it is we shall be able to complete our task in time. as it were:可以说,姑且这样说 9xi nX-x;n  
e.g. He is as it were a walking dictionary. r[?GO"ej5  
7) as much as:几乎,实际上 vtq$@#?~ b  
e.g. By running away he as much as admitted that he had taken the money. as much…as:与……一样多 |kY}G3/  
e.g. It is as much our responsibility as yours. {N3&JL5\"E  
8) as well:也,还是……为好 u6nO\.TTtY  
e.g. He gave me advice and money as well. Since you have begun to do it you may as well finish it. as well as:不仅……而且,除……之外 lArKfs/   
e.g. With television we see a picture as well as hearing sound. Small towns as well as big cities are being rapidly industrialized. l-Be5?|{_  
9) at one time从前某个时期 e.g. At one time we met frequently. at a time:每次,一次 p}oGhO&=  
e.g. You can borrow only two books at a time. c X!C/`ew>  
10) attach to:属于,归因于 (C;Q<  
e.g. No blame attaches to him. attach oneself to:参加,加入  nU4to  
e.g. He attached himself to the group of climbers. wz'=  
11) be a credit to:为……增光 y\omJx=,  
e.g. I hope you will be a credit to your school. do credit to:为……增进荣誉 cJMi`PQ ;  
e.g. This piece of work does credit to you. :8K}e]!c1  
12) bear in mind:记住 @ ]40xKF  
e.g. I hope you will bear in mind all I am saying. have in mind:考虑 +Xp1=2Mq  
e.g. Don’t give your confidence to others regarding the plan you have in mind. 5(gWK{R)*  
13) begin with:以……为起点 X n8&&w"  
e.g. He advised me to begin with something easy. to begin with:首先 FDFwx|  
e.g. To begin with we must consider the problem from all sides. Q^;:Kl.b  
14) build up:逐步建成,增强 u^G Y7gah  
e.g. They are trying hard to build up an independent economy. He went for an ocean voyage and built up his health. build on:以……为基础,依赖 =A!r ZG  
e.g. Let’s build on your idea. We shall build on your supporting us. "~=-Q#xO  
15) by day:在白天 Vm8@ LA  
e.g. Most of them work by day and study by night. by the day:(指工作报酬等)按日计算 Y)@Y$_  
e.g. Will you pay me by the day or by the hour? CuD}Uo+u  
16) can but只好……罢了 n$`+03a  
e.g. We can but try to make him see how unreasonable he has been. cannot but:不得不,禁不住 {G0=A~  
e.g. I cannot but tell her the truth.(=I cannot help telling her the truth) @I}VD\pF  
17) come forth:出现,发行 /o%VjP"<  
e.g. Many new things are coming forth.. Do you know that a set of new stamps has come forth? come forward:自告奋勇,提出供讨论 They have come forward with an offer to help. The matter was deferred at last evening’s meeting but will come forward at our next session. a 2Nxpxho  
18) compare … to比拟(指出其中的相似点) #|4G,!  
e.g. Man’s life is often compared to a candle. compare … with:把……和……相比(指出其不同之处) 5JhvYsf3_  
e.g. He compared his camera with mine. 7nNNc[d*=  
19) consist in:包含在……中 p U9 .#O  
e.g. Happiness consists in good health. consist of:由……组成 JOpH Z?  
e.g. The apartment consisted of two rooms and a kitchen. =6qTz3t  
20) end on:两端相碰,正对 #M{qMJHDo  
e.g. The two ships collided each other end on. We shouldn’t place the bicycles end on. on end:竖着,连续地,不断地 .b+ix=:  
e.g. Place the box on end. She often works for 20 hours on end. ] +46r!r|  
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21) familiar to:某事为某人熟知 Kc?4q=7q  
Jr( =Y@Z '  
e.g. There were facts not familiar to me. familiar with:熟悉或通晓某事 >P:X\5Oj  
e.g. He is familiar with English German and French.. VJqk0w+  
22) feel for sb.:同情某人,为某人难过 c%C6d97q  
e.g. I feel for you in your sorrow. feel for sth:(用手、脚、棍子等)摸索,寻找某物 #M16qOEw  
e.g. She felt under the pillow for her watch N o6!gZ1  
23) for a moment:片刻,一会儿 VFL^-tXnA^  
e.g. She was silent for a moment weighing in her mind the pros and cons. for the moment:此刻、暂时 T:$^1"\  
X+aQ 7^"s  
e.g. I cannot recall his name for the moment. RkYn6  
24) get down:下去,下来;写下来 Dz: +. @k  
e.g. The bus was so jammed that I could not get down. Here’s the telephone number I got down for you. get down to:认真着手进行处理 b<00 %Z  
8x U*j  
e.g. It is no good shirking the job it will have to be got down to. A/>Q5)  
i=aR ~  
25) get into trouble with sb.:遭到某人的(训斥等) q T@h/Y  
]=00<~ l*q  
e.g. Poor Tom is always getting into trouble with the boss. get sb. into trouble:使某人陷入困境 1IA1;  
e.g. The letter got me into trouble. 26) give sb. a hand:帮助某人或参与某人做某事 Q v9q~l  
e.g. Give me a hand with the cleaning please. give sb. one’s hand:与某人握手 "l56?@-x  
e.g. She gave me her hand and wished me a good trip. ={O ~  
27) go through:检查,搜查;通过,穿过 .>B'oD  
e.g. They went through our luggage at the customs. It took us a whole week to go through the great forest. go through with:把……坚持到底 e^Zm09J  
e.g. We should go through with the experiment now we’ve started. )hZ7`"f,ZN  
28) good for:有益于 I\. |\^  
1Z# $X`  
e.g. This book is good for your English study. for good:永久地 !g|O.mt  
^c\O , *:  
e.g. The lost money was gone for good. 29) have a fancy for:爱好,喜爱 OIrm9D #  
+` Md5.w  
e.g. She has a fancy for nice clothes. have a fancy that:猜想,认为 n[3z_Q I  
e.g. I have a fancy that he will come tonight. l_^OdQ9D  
.k,j64 r  
30) head up:领头;领导 Cr5ND\  
e.g. A band headed up the parade. Mr. Jones will head up the new business. heads up:注意,小心 cc[(w #K  
e.g. Heads up now You can do better than that. / FcRp,"  
31) in a way:在某种程度上 axC|,8~tq  
e.g. In a way it is an important book. in the way:妨碍,挡路 I will visit you next weekend if there is nothing in the way. cJ4My#w  
32) in black:穿黑色衣服 ?:;;0kSk  
e.g. Arabian women are always dressed in black clothes. in the black:赢利,赚钱 New production methods put the company in the black. .WF"vUp  
gu k,GF9p]  
33) in charge of:负责 FuHBzBoM=  
qOo4T@ t3  
e.g. Who is in charge of this work? in the charge of:照护 >XgoN\w  
K.  ;ev  
e.g. The patients are in the charge of the nurse. -<g9 ) CV5  
34) in hand:控制 6<&A}pp  
e.g. There was a little rioting but the police soon had the situation in hand. hand in:递交,交给  Ng #psN  
e.g. He handed in his resignation in protest against it. SyL"Bmi  
35) in one’s honor:向……表示敬意或感谢 ?0Q3F  
e.g. The day was kept as a holiday in honor of victory. on one’s honor:用人格担保 k \OZ 'dS  
e.g. We were on our honor not to cheat on the exam. D2ggFxqe  
36) in possession of:占有 0F$|`v "0  
Ab$E@H #  
e.g. He is in possession of this house. in the possession of:被占有 eXl?f_9  
e.g. The keys are in the possession of the door keeper. X_PzK'#m  
|.; N_i  
37) in spirit:在内心,在精神上 +wQ5m8E  
e.g. In spirit at least these laws were very fair. in spirits:情绪或心情(好、坏等) xM_#FxJb  
e.g. He is in poor spirits because of his failing in the exam. o#FctM'Z  
38) keep up:继续,保持 icG 9x  
e.g. They entered into a correspondence which was kept up for almost ten years. keep up with:与……齐步前进,跟上 ~criZI/  
e.g. With their help he has kept up with the class. ;8H&FsR  
VmQ^F| {  
39) look about:环视 !MSa -  
e.g. He looked about him with great interest. look about for:四处寻找 %\it4 r3  
^ iu)vED  
e.g. She was looking about for the key she had just lost. (F'~K,0  
40) look up:向上看 @.e4~qz\  
e.g. He looked up and nodded to me. look up to:尊敬 e\z,^  
|TJ gH<I  
e.g. It must be rewarding to be looked up to by so many people. u9_? c G-  
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41) make one’s way:开路 )m-(-I  
e.g. As soon as he saw us the teacher made his way through the crowd to greet us. make one’s way to:向……走去 6hcs )X7m  
e.g. In the evening we made our way to the appointed meeting place. .:-*89c  
42) measure to:测量到某一精度 n~,6!S  
e.g. Measure this part to mm. measure up to:够得上,可以匹敌 $7-4pW$y  
7x*L 1>[`'  
e.g. The new techniques measure up to advanced world standard. MNfc1I_#  
43) more than:很,非常 @ /e{-Q  
e.g. He was more than upset by the accident. more…than:比……更 &S^a_L:  
e.g. I regarded her more highly than me. B(@uJ^N  
44) much as:虽然 pfk)_;>,  
i .?l\  
e.g. Much as I should like to go I can’t go right now. as much:同样的或同样多少的 .v) A|{:2  
<l)I% 1T_c  
e.g. You have always helped me and I will always do as much for you. }g.)%Bw!  
45. no less than:不亚于,竟达……之多 S?H qrf7<  
cT JG1'm  
e.g. There were no less than one hundred people at the meeting. not less than:不比……差,至少 *fDhNmQ `  
e.g. There were not less than one hundred people at the meeting. 请大家注意区分以上两句的差别,第一句是指“竟达100人之多”,第二句则是“至少有100人”,要明白no less than是一种强调说法,它和not less than的区别在于事先假定的程度或是数量有所不同,no less than在某种意义上说来没有超过的意思,而not less than可能会超过,这种表达方式正好与no more than以及not more than相反。 oFJx8XU  
j&?@:Zg v  
46. no more than:同样不;仅仅,只有 i;<H^\%  
e.g. This book is no more interesting than that one. It is no more than empty talk. not more than:不比……更,不如;至多 _`]YWvh  
6[% 4 Q[  
e.g. He is not more clever than you are. There were not more than 5 factories in our city before liberation. sU?%" q  
47. on sale:出售的;廉价出售 i\P)P!  
e.g. Many new farm tools are on sale in this store. I got this book on sale it was very cheap. for sale:出售的,上市的 GA)t!Xg^  
e.g. I shall put these goods up for sale. 在作“出售的”的意思的时候,on sale和for sale还是有一些不同的,一般来说,for sale多指物主亲自或委托代理人经手出售,而on sale通常表示店里的货物是供出售的。 Rp"" &0  
48. once again:再一次 $~.'Tnk)  
e.g. I want to try this once again. once and again:一再 eN ]9=Y~-K  
e.g. I have told him once and again not to do that. Xkb\fR6<K  
49. out of question:毫无疑问,必定 +(| ,Ke  
e.g. Out of question this plan can be fulfilled ahead of time. out of the question:不可能的 EJ`"npU  
e.g. What you propose is out of the question. 7^Q4?(A  
50. refer to:提及,涉及 6w:M_tDM  
e.g. I would like to refer back to the first of my three points. refer to…as:称作,叫做 J PK( S~  
e.g. Coal is often referred to as food for industry. $4a;R I  
51. search sb.:认真搜查某人身体 W #kOcw  
e.g. They searched him but nothing was found on him. search for sb.:搜查某地为找到某人 bs=x>F  
e.g. They searched for him everywhere but failed. 7awh__@  
52. settle down:落下;定居 YZ0Jei8+-  
e.g. The dust slowly settled down. He has settled down in the countryside. settle down to:专心致力于;逐渐习惯于 z->[:)c  
U sS"WflB  
e.g. He settled down to his homework. They settled down to a new job. X1PXX!]lo[  
53. speak for itself:不言而喻 hFp\,QSx  
e.g. One does not to be told that this fact speaks for itself. speak for oneself:发表本人的意见 c Y(2}Ay  
14 Toi  
e.g. What others think I do not know I can only speak for myself. FLzC kzJ:6  
]d]rV `RF  
54. submit to:屈服于 6=o'.03\f  
e.g. He has to submit to an operation. submit…to:提交 oDBv5  
e.g. They must submit the case to the court kt;uB X3  

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