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主题 : 考博英语改错应试指导
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楼主  发表于: 2012-01-31   


考博英语辨错与改错就是从一个句子四个划线的找出一个错误并加以改正。句子的错误是多种多样的,涉及到语法、词汇和逻辑结构等方面,但通常以语法方面的错误为主。下面我们将辨错与改错测试中涉及到的语法要点和错误类型进行归类和分析,以帮助考生从中领悟出做这类试题的方法和技巧。 03y<'n  
(一)主、谓语不一致 l+,rc*-j0  
句子中的谓语动词和主语在人称和数上不一致,这类试题主要涉及到以下四个方面: 3@J wL {C  
(1)主语后面有一个较长的定语或定语从句,该定语或定语从句的最后一个词,也就是谓语动词前的那个词的单数或复数一般与主语的单、复数相反,以此来干扰学生。 y.2 SHn0  
例1 The Capital city is noted for its many modern improvements, but in other parts of the country ^S @b*  
A YVi]f2F%  
lack of enough good roads have delayed progress. FS0SGBo  
B C D Nt?B(.G  
例2 The most noticeable feature of tarsiers, small animals which look like monkeys are their }^t?v*kcA  
A B R<U < Y 'Y  
large eyes that allow them to see well at night. D]REZuHOI  
C D H{If\B%1t  
(2)有时候,为了增加考试难度,在倒装句中考主谓语的一致。 tee%E=P  
例3 Never before in history has so many people been interested in the study of foreign b%6 _LK[  
A B C D O #"O.GX<  
languages. 1?;s!6=  
例4 On each side of the highway was hundreds of billboards advertising everything from modern motels to roadside stands that sell fresh fruit and bedspreads. (1995年考题) "A7tb39*  
(3)后面由with, as well as, rather than, along with, together with, in addition to, including等修饰的单数名词作主语时,其谓语动词也要用单数形式。 +9t@eHJT1  
例5 The president of the college , together with the deans, are planning a conference for the <v?-$3YT  
A B C LdL< 5Q[  
purpose of laying down certain regulations. >*&[bW'}?  
(4)由连词or, nor, neither… nor, either…or, not only… but also连接的两个名词,谓语形式要与它最接近的主语一致。 rz(DZ V  
例6 Neither her parents nor her teacher have persuaded her to change her mind. G 8@%)$A  
(二)虚拟语气方面的错误 ]M.ufbguq  
做这类题考生首先要掌握虚拟语气的构成和主、从句的搭配,熟记常见的虚拟语气类型以及一些特殊用法,重点掌握下列常用的要引起虚拟语气的形容词和动词。 v?}/WKe+0  
形容词:necessary, essential, urgent, imperative, possible, vital, desirable, important, natural. |jlR] ,  
动 词:suggest, ask, recommend, insist, demand, decide, advise, propose, order. Ty>`r n  
例7 So great was the influence of Thomas Paine on his own time that John Adams suggested that the era was called “The Age of Paine.” (1995年考题) -7CkOZ T  
例8 If you would have studied French in college you would not have found the 7J)-WXk  
A B Z|u_DaSrr|  
scientific terminology(专门术语)so difficult to understand. lw7wvZD  
C D xf|=n  
(三)非谓语动词的误用 u VB&D E  
这一类的试题设计比较灵活,如果考生对各种非谓语动词(动词不定式、动名词、分词)的句法功能及用法没有透彻的了解,对它们与谓语动词、逻辑主词、逻辑宾词和其他词类之间的搭配关系掌握得不好,就很难解题。比如,下列动词或词组后面只能跟动词分词:enjoy, finish, appreciate, avoid, miss(错过), mind(介意), deny, admit, keep, prevent, consider, look forward to, can not help, object to, turn to (求助于), adapt to,等等。 GerZA#  
以上动词考生应重点掌握。 =^6]N~*,D  
例9 you will almost always find Caroline playing a video game because she enjoys to be NWFZ:h@v  
A B C D b8O:@j2  
challenged. {oO!v}]  
例10 Annoying at the long check-out lines, the shopper began to sigh loudly, tap his foot, and ]:F]VRPT  
A B C zZ kwfF  
glance at his watch. a XwFQ,  
D s:M:Ff  
例11 The president devoted his energies to update the curricula, making the education offered at !r$/-8b  
A B C Hc}(+wQN%  
Washington college as meaningful and usual as possible. (1996年考题) dP )YPy_`  
D a &j H9  
(四)词序有误 97Whn*  
这一部分重点测试以疑问词引导的从句中的词序以及倒装句的词序,考生要重点掌握那些常用的出现在句首句子就必须倒装的词或词组,如:by no means, in no cases, under no circumstances, not only…but also, not until, never, nowhere等等。 M}HGFN  
例12 Only after local residents became sick and publicly voiced their displeasure the chemical 5<9}{X+@o  
A B azN<]u@.  
company began to clean up its dump sites. t~e.LxN  
C D gmt`_Dpm$  
例13 People who lose weight with the help of behavioral techniques like weighing >[NNu Y~  
A 0&zp9(G5  
themselves regularly and keeping records of what do they eat seem to need the same techniques to  $33wK  
B C {o AJL  
keep the weight off. c.r]w  
D y3 kXfSe  
例14 Suddenly, Gallup’s name was on everyone’s lips; not only he was the prophet of the |}=xA%)  
A B iU5M_M$G  
moment, but it was generally believed that he had founded a new and most important method of fn;`Vit#  
C D ~}+F$&  
prediction. 22(7rUkI  
(五)句子结构不对等 TZ3"u@ 06  
句子结构的对等性要求在表达词法相同的成分时,动词与动词、名词与名词、词组与词组、从句与从句都要对等。常出现的错误有下列几种情况: w a2?%y_G  
(1)并列连词and, but, as well as, or等连接的两上谓语形式、非谓语动词、从句结构等在形式上没保持一致。 t,Ss3  
例15 At school he found that he hated eating in the dining-room, studied for his chemistry class,  ]?M3X_Mq  
A B C D }Ox5,S}ra  
and doing his laundry. 8Q4yllv4  
例16 The high school graduate, if he is eighteen or nineteen, has these alternatives: attending y<|8OTT  
A B C sQwRlx  
college, finding a job, or the army. V q4g#PcG  
D >{R+j4%  
(2)复合并列连词not only…but also, whether…or, both…and, either…or等连接的两个成分在词性和结构上不一致。 > >%m,F[  
例17 The city council has the power not only to pass new laws, but also select a new NpI "XQ  
A B C r^zra|]  
mayor between elections should the need arise. t.X8 c/,;g  
D   D6N 32q@  
例18 Office revolution not only has changed how work is done but redefined the function of #7v=#Jco  
A B C q[}W&t,  
everyone who works in an office. (1996年考题) uSQRI9/ir2  
D Xnc?oT+  
(3)引起比较状语从句的从属连词as…as,…than连接的两个成分在结构上不一致,造成逻辑上的错误。 0fE?(0pBj  
例19 To the best of my knowledge, the climate in Arizona is better year-round than any other SR>(GQ,m0;  
A B C lq} m0}9<  
state. z#HNJAQ#|  
D R+r;V]-/  
例20 The carpenter told me that to repair the old building would cost nearly as much as }y>/#]X  
A B C GahIR9_2  
build a new one. Rt.2]eZEJ  
D @Ta0v:Y  
做这类试题时,考生一定要记住:当两者比较时,必面是句义相当,或同类事物、词性相比较,才合逻辑。 F]GX;<`  
例21 Despite this similarity with other creatures, the evolution of humankind differs from +?'a2pUS  
A B O[+\` 63F=  
other species in one important and unique way. (1996年考题) {VE1c'E"V?  
C D T_j0*A $  
(六)形容词和副词的误用 uWLf9D"  
这类题往往在副词与形容词的修饰关系上出错。形容词一般只能修饰形容词,不能修饰形容词,而副词可以修饰形容词、动词等。 a(_3271  
例22 If you want a real effective stereo that plays music clearly, you’d better buy a graphic ]D_ AZI  
A B C D QE6L_\l  
equalizer. vhrURY.  
例23 The scientists, concerned about the potential hazards, wanted the latest research finding Ssd7]G+n:  
A B PmA_cP7~  
made publicly. 'XI-x[w  
C D ob K6GG?ZE  
(七)可数与不可数名词的误用 Na.)!h_Kn'  
例24 This sitting room would be much improved if you put a furniture in that corner. u > .>hQ  
A B C D r12e26_Ab  
当然,在名词方面考生还应掌握下列两种情况。 (,['6k<  
(1)有些名词形式上是单数,实际上是复数,因此谓语动词要用复数,如people, police; *#Iqz9X.Y3  
(2)有些名词形式上复数,但意义上是单数。这类名词通常是以s结尾的科学名称和疾病名称,谓语动词要用单数,如physics, statistics, acoustics. Ym w b2]M  
(八)时态和语态方面的错误 ;m}o$`  
做这类题,首先要确定句子是主动还是被动关系,还要搞清前后时态是否一致。 +ooQ-Gh  
例25 She said to me that she will get the job in spite of her inexperience. R 5Cy%  
A B C D Dl_SEf6b  
例26 Not too many years ago my mother jogged in the alley behind our house because she was (Ek=0;Cr  
A B Op ;){JT  
embarrassed to see jogging in public. (1996年考题) n4G53+y'  
C D ?]2OT5@&s  
(九)固定搭配不当 bn8?-  
1.动词、名词和形容词与某个特定的介词的搭配 .E0*lem'hE  
例27 Exploratory investigations reveal that Alaska is capable to producing 45 to 55 percent of its ot.R Gpg%  
A U4,hEnJBT  
own requirements of agricultural products, instead of approximately 10 percent, the quantity now *!x/ia9  
B C 6882:,q  
produced. Ab f=b<bu  
D /'0,cJnm  
2.连接词的固定搭配 ti9 cfv>  
常用的连接词的固定搭配有:either…or, neither…nor, both…and, no sooner…than, scarcely/hardly…when, rather…than, the same…as, so…, that, not long…before. N3g?gb"Ex)  
例29 One expert remarks that a computer with so many tubes as the brain has neurons would i4oBi]$T  
A B C D YP vg(T  
require the Empire State Building to contain it. (1996年考题) 9 ulr6  
例30 Failure to advertise could result in either reduced sales and less profit nor legal actions. D^H<)5d9  
A B C D nW (wu!2  
例31 Clearly, Japan is still not very well understood in the West; what Westerners do know q7% eLJ  
A B ^#L? HIM  
seems to be either extremely negative nor extremely positive. (1995年考题) :}18G}B  
C D U-EX)S^T[{  
(十)多余的词 v`$9;9  
同一概念的词在句中重复出现。 zorTZ #5  
例32 The manufacture and production of steel was one of the industries on which the kM\O2 ay  
A B C >AW=N  
country’s prosperity was founded. -j_J 1P0,  
D Lay+)S.ta[  
例33 He returned back to China after he had finished his degree in the United States. -W+67@(\8H  
A B C D {q:o}<-L+  
例34 Sponges, with a structural organization like that of colony of one-celled animals, they stand W+~ w  
A B C HYPFe|t/  
at the lowest level of the animal kingdom. ,&HZvU&  
D Zh.fv-Ecp  
例35 He was so exhausted he couldn’t scarcely keep his eyes open until the movie was over. }x1mpPND  
A B C D [hS?d.D   
(十一)连词的误用 0\jOg  
这类试题的特点是结构与逻辑交织在一起,考生不仅要判断结构是否正确,还要从整句的意思判断逻辑上是否讲得通。此外,考生必须熟记一些常用的连接词固定搭配(在固定搭配部分已作了介绍)。 1h+!<c q  
例36 Kenneth had his heart set on owning one of the new sports cars, but he finally succeeded in ^ >ca*g  
A B C D m=S[Y^tR  
buying one. lq_ W;L  
例37 As long as sharks are heavier than water, they must swim continuously or they will sink to 685o1c|  
A B C D /)de`k"  
the bottom. B<[;rk  
o oIMN =  
(十二)意思或语形相近的动词、名词、形容词或副词的误用 A0rdQmrOL  
英语中有些词意或词形很相近,要是考生对这些词的拼写或词义间的细微差别掌握得不够牢固,就很难识别出错的地方。 ok\+$+ $ju  
例38 Over the centuries, women have developed considerate expertise in the techniques of adapting to men, but that ability is not the same as truly understanding male psychology. `CK;,>i   
例39 Rupert Davies inherited a million pounds from his uncle, and two months late he won MQY1he2M  
A B C vEzzdDwi6  
another million on the football pools. |k/;.  
D sp** Sg)  
4Ro(r sO  
(十三)关系代词与连接代词的误用 N`Bt|#R  
关系代词who(whom, whose), which 和that 引导定语从句;连接代词who(who,whose),which和what引导主语从句、表语从句和宾语从句。要注意whoever和whomever的用法。连接代词whoever相当于any one who,因此不能用who去代替whoever的作用。此外,考生一定要牢记:非限制性定语从句必须用which引导。 Xe+&/J5b  
例40 In spite of the ever-increasing exploitation of natural resources, that now reached dangerous j 5'Jp}  
A B Xp} vJl   
proportion, little has been done on a world-wide scale to slow down or stop this success. 1995年考题) k)v[/#I  
C D GmL|76  
例41 A wise and experienced administrator will assign a job to whomever is best qualified. xD\Km>|i  
A B C D 5GJ0EZ'X  
例42 The scholarly interest in perception stems largely from questions about the sources and validity of that is known as human knowledge. %o"Rcw|  
辨错与改错练习(100题) ,#wVqBEk  
1. All her friends and acquaintances were simultaneously sympathetic and jealousy, but that didn’t get 68HX,t  
A B C g?>AY2f[5  
the housework done.. Nu_ w@T\l  
D *c AoE l  
2. When the time allotted to the course is sixty to ninety hours the entire contents of the book may be 4iLU "~  
A B C ]~q N<x  
used for advantage. y:A0!75  
D =wj~6:Bf  
3. All languages seem to possess the machinery for vocabulary expansion either by putting together eYcx+BJ  
A B lXPn]iLJ  
words already in existence or by borrowing them from other languages and adapt them to their own ?:FotnU*p  
C D yQA[X}  
system. 2:N_c\Vi  
4. Considered that her son-in-law was not good enough for her daughter, the snobbish woman Az-!LAu9 R  
A B C cik@QN<[0  
displayed a frigid hostility towards him. A C^[3  
D *_QHtZG  
5. Facing dangers and difficulties together are supposed to give the members of an expedition an cA%U   
A B C s4$m<"~  
amazing feeling of companionship. .V3Dql@z"  
D / 3k\kkv!  
6. Everyone thought they had no chance of escaping but some weeks later they emerged from the Z]S0AB.Z@  
A B C ]R{"=H'  
jungle safely and soundly. M0 zD)@  
D iy82QNe  
7. I was lucky to have had relations to look after me, otherwise I might have to be cared for by foster SU'1#$69F  
A B C <PN;D#2bh  
parents or even put in a home. LQ@|M.$ A  
D s~$4bN>LD  
8. During the war, women became indispensable as workers outside the home, so they had to keep the 4@e!D Du  
A B C rgz I  
factories and government machinery running while the men went out to fight. LXC`Zq\  
D tN3 {7'\7  
9. The unions have begun to concede that pay increases restricting to talented teachers are preferable to ]XG n2U\  
A B C *6D%mrK  
no pay increases at all. 6&QTVdK'O  
10. Biological extinction will quickly follow the end of commercial whaling should that end due to a C9g~l}=$&  
A B C #KNq:@wp6  
shortage of raw materials, i. e. of whales. :5K ~/=6x  
D KHus/M&0  
11. I find this habit of opening windows all the time really most aggravated, particularly when the i5<Va@ru!s  
A B C D Zc3:9   
temperature is minus 10. O?,i?  
12. Since be shows such little interest himself, it’s not surprising he gets hardly no response from the 4EhBpTg  
A B C D iRwW>a3/  
class. d)GkXll1D  
13. Two years ago there was a very bad drought, in order that the wells in our village began to dry up. y5Wqu9C\Io  
A B C D %M)oHX1p  
14. Very few of children are well enough to perform in the school concert that they have canceled it. v8vh~^X%P  
A B C D /IJ9_To  
15. This is the case, many families have to confine all their recreational activities to the weekend. V0'p1J tD  
A B C D d+m6-4[_k  
16. At the meanwhile I’m leaving her there so as to free to concentrate on things over there. &iND &>?  
A B C D M`C~6Mf+  
17. New Zealand, which is situated between latitudes 34 s and 47 s , consists principally of two islands, p]V-<  
of which the southern is the larger but the northern is the much highly populated. X |1_0  
C D $>h!J.t  
18. So far as we know, Shakespeare lived a fairly uneventful life during which he apparently wrote 33 ok>P [ &!  
A B gKs/T'PW  
plays, among them “Hamlet” and “King Lear” are generally considered the greatest. l q\'  
C D D=82$$  
19. I can no longer read a number plate at the required distance for the test, so I have tried very hard to jgo<#AJ/E  
A B C Hc&uE3=%sL  
take care of my eyes. 17n+4J]  
D LA;V}%y ?  
20. A large proportion of farmland is devoted to coffee, tea, pineapples and to raise other cash crops in K[#v(<)  
A B C T[4[/n> i  
order to earn much-needed foreign exchange on the export market. f1CMR4D  
D w$b+R8.n)  
\=EY@ *=  
21. Although they promised to have it finished by the end of this week it now looks extremely GTp?)nh^  
A B C M|[@znzR<  
unlike. 0\EpH[m}-  
22. At school he was given very little encouragement to follow the career of his choice, resulted in his `'[7~Ew[  
A B C Q{.{#G  
wasting several years in the wrong job. *l>[`U+  
D ~),;QQ,  
23. I’ve asked my secretary to stay at the office for she can cope with visitors while I see to the !"`@sd~  
A B C D v+!y;N;Q  
arrangements for the banquet over there. cX|[WT0[I  
24. Dr. Dossey became interested in time and health when he noticed how many patients insisted in X zi'Lu `  
A B `G=ztL!gq  
having watches with them in hospital, even though they had no schedules to keep. &Q-[;  
C D zdxT35h  
25. Ten years ago this little village was delightfully unspoilt but now it has been discovered by the e-[>( n/[  
A B kq)+@p  
rourists and became quite commercialized. pY+.SuM  
C D u-AWJc+F.  
26. If, on first acquaintance, people seem a little shy or even unfriendly they may simply be suspicious 0K=Qf69Y  
A B C C 0Y2\n-`z  
at strangers. 2Pbe~[  
D ,s O:$  
27. She told us her plane had crashed in the jungle and it was a miracle she had survived. Since her story 1vB-M6(  
A B C |HrM_h<X  
sounded so far-fetched that we were very skeptical. NJn&>/vM  
D 2{Wo-B,wt~  
28. It’s very annoying when experts talk down to you so that they think you know nothing about their kP)YgkE  
A B C D J__;.rnk  
subject. %oAL  
29. Modern button, unlike early ones, they are frequently mass-produced and usually made of plastic. .4 wTjbO6  
A B C D ?Q@L-H`  
30. The cost of groceries have risen so rapidly during the past several years that lower-income }c} ( 5  
A B C pJd0k"{  
families can scarcely buy what they need. c\M#5+1j  
D f Gb7=Fk  
31. Although Latin was extreme important in its day, it has been considered a dead language since the 1xz\=HO T  
A B C lY.B  
fall of the Roman Empire. +)gGs# 2X  
D z/S,+!|z  
32. Loving throughout the western world, ballet is a theatrical art that tells a story through dance l<TIG3 bs  
A B C \E Z+#3u  
accompanied by music. wy''tqg6  
D 6)ycmu;!$  
33. Faced with the possibility of a water shortage during the summer months, the city has asked it Yj3P 7k$c  
A B C ,>u=gA&}  
citizens to limit their use of water. h4Ia>^@  
D uArR\k(  
34. The discovery of gold hastened the settlement of California as much, if not more than, the reports of FSU<Y1|XM  
A B C 2Pp&d>E4  
the fertile land and the good climate. `@|w>8bMz{  
D ^n9a " qz  
35. Expressionism is characterized by both the simplification of form and the use and utilization of azo0{`S?  
A B C D ?>V6P_r>  
certain colors. ) r9b:c\  
36. The telegraph opened up the possibility of almost instantaneous communication and there by G AQ 'Ti1!  
A B /BpxKh 2p  
offering many practical advantages to people in all walks of life. 2zK"*7b?  
C D -4flV D  
37. Many centuries prior to the Norman invasion, the Romans have conquered Britain, and remained DZe}y^F  
A B C }>&KUl  
there for almost four centuries. ?+r!z  
D .#fPw_i  
38. It is not known exactly when the first immigrants arrived in the New World, but where did that event /APcL5:=  
A B C e7xj_QH  
occur is certain. TJaeQqob  
D \cQ . |S  
39. In the New World as in Europe, each region developed its own distince pattern of culture adapted to zoP%u,XL  
A B C \DA$6w\\  
local conditions and influential. 7byCc_,  
D M=y0PCD  
40. The Mayan priests, who were not only excellent mathematicians but also outstanding scientists, o>c ^aRZ{  
A B ( 9$"#o  
calculated the correct revolution of several planets and even predict eclipses. 6;oe=Q:Q  
C D ALGg AX3t  
41. When archeologists begin digging, they generally have a good idea of what they are looking for /smiopFcq  
A B C 5PZN^\^  
and where they are like to find it. GBP-V66  
D 0{) $SY  
42. If he would have lost his first fight with Sonny Liston, no one would have been surprised. ~rv})4h  
A B C D "tu*YNP\Q  
43. Although space satellites have existed for less than thirty years we are now dependent on them 61_f3S(u  
A B C 2~c~{ jl\  
for all kinds of informations. g4&jo_3:p  
D C!%:o/  
44. One evening Sandr’a boyfriend, John, tells, her he is going out for a drink with his friends and she I*\^,ow  
A B SH8/0g?  
decides she’d like to go to the college disco rather than stay in stay in by her own. \cuS>G  
C D ~}%~oT  
45. In 1642 the French philosopher, Pascal, produced a mechanical calculator which could do all what ^_>!B)  
A B C :&Vc B$  
basic adding machines do today. qv+R:YYOq  
D Z=+03  
46. Sugar provides man with quick energy but it has neither vitamins, minerals, and other body-building I&]G   
A B 6Nh0  
material necessary for an adequate diet. S~ F`  
C D 3qM Nl>>  
47. William Pitt urged that the English colonists sere given the same constitutional rights to which other 6C-YyI#s#  
A B C j9y3hQ+q  
English subjects were entitled. smU4jh9S  
48. John Calhoun objected to creating a federal strong government because he believed that each state fCX*R"  
A B p1O6+hRio  
should decide most issues for itself. H[Weu  
C D 0[a}n6X Tk  
49. People once thought of the languages of backward groups as savage, undeveloped forms of speech, i~yX tya  
A B C KCR N}`^  
consisted largely of grunts and groans. w|Aqqe  
D %c/^_.  
50. Just as the curriculum of the academy grew out of that of the Latin grammar school, for the m( 47s  
A B C "pvZ,l>8f  
curriculum of the public high school developed out of that of the academy. N{joXHCu  
D _sMs}?^  
51. A creative person will be emotionally receptive to new and unconventional ideas and will be least LAs7>hM  
A B C 6Wf^0ok  
interested in facts than in their implications. cCdX0@hY  
D VcgBLkIF  
 '3 ,\@4  
52. It was a long time before manufacturing techniques improved and not until early in the 19th century 1;r69e  
A B 8L{u}|{  
came the Arithmometer on the scene as the first commercially successful calculator. .YcN S%  
C D j$@tK0P  
53. Sulfuric acid is used so extensively in manufacturing that thousands of factories would go out of f} K`Jm_}?  
A B = nxKttmU0  
business if this acid is unattainable. B@K[3  
C D 'ZHdV,dd  
54. Generally, Europe and Asia are regarded as being distinct continents, but they are simply vast s3QEi^~  
A B C !~ rt:Z  
geography divisions of the larger land mass known as Eurasia. #@//7Bf%  
D $ |<m9CW  
55. Because of the large amount of salt, the specific gravity of the water in Great Salt Lake, Utah, is so 665[  
A B C 's%q  
great that one can not sink or completely submerging oneself in it. 4ke^*g K<  
D ]7/gJ>g,  
56. If allowed to turn yellow while still on the plant, bananas lost their characteristically good flavor, the XD%wj  
A B N6/T#UVns  
skin break open, insects enter the inside, and the fruit rots. Zhi})d3l  
C D NPJ.+ph  
57. No one took cable television seriously fifteen years ago, when it has been no more than a way for );JJ2Jlkd  
A B C v'9m7$  
isolated towns to receive television signals. |4>:M\h  
D optBA3@e!  
58. One of most serious human tragedies in the world continue to unfold in some nations, where famine, l4T:d^Eb  
A B 7 .+al)hl  
conflict, and severe drought have brought millions of people close to starvation. %e=!nRc  
C D >)c9|e=8  
59. Cancer researchers have done great progress in the last decade; however, scientists still realize that +zO]N &  
A B C '2v f|CX  
there are many aspects that need to be studied further. 4rp6 C/i  
D T.Zz;2I  
60. Climatic conditions vary widely from place to place and from season to season, but there is a (F&YdWe:  
A B C ^gg!Me  
recognizable order and pattern in this great diversity of various climates. 5~}!@yzc  
D )f*Iomp]@  
61. Only when humans employ nonchemical approaches to pest control creatures such as roaches and Q[_Ni15  
A B C o# {#r@,i  
rodents will be successfully eliminated. K H}t:m+h  
D R^tcr)(  
62. Scientific prediction of earthquakes remains primitive and haphazard; however, scientists can make e,Zv]Cym  
A B r)B3es&&  
general predictions after monitor magnetic changes along principal faults. Zi1YZxF`Y  
C D - L`7+  
63. One of the greatest factors hindering efficient farming and proper agricultural development in these </Z Ha:=7  
A .^H1\p];Lw  
countries since the Second World War have been the lack of information concerning land capability, wAz,vq=x  
B C i./Y w  
utilization, and availability. z7q%,yw3N  
D =t.F2'<[Z  
64. Thirteen hundred medical professionals, all of which have been trained to treat drug dependency, 7}07Pit  
A B Xz* tbW#  
attended the annual convention sponsored by the Society to Prevent Drug Abuse. 8b~7~VCk  
C D K~JC\a\0  
65. Neil Armstrong’s moon-landing provided a very unique moment not just for his countrymen but for va+m9R0  
A B C /Mx CvEE  
people all around the world. n|Ma&qs  
D @`2oz i~lO  
66. Only recently more attention has been paid in the United States to providing special facilities for 44|03Ty  
A B C 2dyxKK!\a  
gifted children. 3H <`Z4;  
D q8tug=c  
67. I don’t mind help Charles with his English, but what annoys me is the way he seems to take my help lmp R>@o"  
A B C y|LXDq4Wj  
for granted. v6(,Ax&  
D ]Y$&78u8t  
68. Many people nowadays are changing from large cars to small ones because they are far more n('VQ0b  
A B C X)Ocn`|  
economic. 9XY|V<}  
D s'2y%E#  
69. People who emigrate to a new country usually take a while to adopt to the new way off life. -ca]Q|m8  
A B C D @]<DR*<  
70. My manager walked in waving a piece of paper that I had filled wrongly and started shouting that ap{{(y&R  
A B C D 0sY#MHPT&  
I was useless. a6OrE*x:D  
71. Barry Cloud prefers to cook at home rather than eating in a restaurant. YU*46 hA1B  
A B C D }]Qmt5'NI  
72. Our inland waterway system was established a century before the railways, and originally spreading |)*m[_1  
A B C /XbY<pj  
more than 4 000 miles throughout the U.K. ]Oig ..LJ  
D M_|M&lR>  
73. A Coalition government has been formed in Utopia between the Neo-right and the Neo-left parties, lxr@[VQ  
A v] W1F,u  
both of them have exactly the same number of seats in Parliament. [%7IQ4`{  
B C D   zd.1  
74. If you go on holiday to a country in South-east Asia, you’ll find that everything is cheap comparing G >I.  
A B alWx=+d  
to England, whereas, in America and Western European countries you will find that the cost of M M/BJ  
C *_}IeNc  
living is roughly the same. =]2 b8  
D ".Tf< F  
75.Stormscale, on the morth-west coast of England, has a proportion of around 20 000 in which a high ~x76{.gT  
A B C |% la  
proportion are children under 12. ?tW%"S^D  
D S" I#>^  
76. If Dr Bannister would not have been the first to run the race in under four minutes he would not be Q-H =wJ4R  
A B C D 9RbGa Y&  
so well known. iT)2 ?I6!  
77. Many experts are so convinced of the benefits of challenging the brain therefore they are putting the !nZI? z;  
A B C ,3g]= f  
theory to work in their own lives. 0KNH=;d}  
D =6L :I x  
78. Statistics as well as a course in research methodology are required of all doctor candidates. eB}sg4  
A B C D z22|Kv;w  
79. The names Jimmy, Billy and Bobby end in “y” are used especially for boys, but they often continue {VrAh* #h  
A B C Yg]FF`{p=  
into adult life. ^5^ zo~^o  
D _s*uF_: 3  
80. Because of air pollution being greatly reduced, this city is still a good place to live. 3P<Zzt%eT  
A B C D @et3}-c  
81. It is prohibited by law to mail through parcel post any merchandise that might prove dangerously in o i,g  
A B C D _bvtJZ3i  
transport bb0{-T)1  
82. The dog was the first animal to be domesticated is generally agreed upon by authorities in the field. cfO^CC  
A B C D %WXVfkD  
<_FF~l j  
83. It was not until she had arrived home when she remembered her appointment with the doctor. }I'>r(K  
A B C D ? ><   
84. Cohen says that we are frequently advised to keep physically active as we age, so older people need FB^dp }  
A B C t' _,9  
to keep mentally active as well. "KQ\F0/  
D S+bWD7  
85. Those who oppose the building of flats base their case primarily on the assumption that everyone u9y-zhj_$  
prefers an individual home and garden and the high cost per unit of accommodation. $=6 kh+n@  
C D 75BOiX  
86. The sudden illness or death of farmers, farm workers, and others exposed to sufficient quantities of hdNZ":1s  
A B |^&2zyUj/  
pesticides are very sad and should not occur. 2l}Fg D  
D D 1(\I9L&J   
87. An inventor or one interested in applied science is usually trying to make something that has a ', xs Ugk  
A B C V,* 0<7h  
concrete usage. l Ib >t  
D ;V(}F!U\z  
88. Dr Jones, the first woman elected president of Ford University, was intelligent, capable, and nr9#3 Lb  
A B sNan"  
awareness of the problems to be solved. otnY{r *  
C D Kd|l\k!  
89. Professor Jackson was able to give me some very good advices when I went to see him about my 1:l& &/Wy  
A B C rgY?X$1q_  
difficulties with the experiment. *V<2\-  
D #mFAl|O  
90. In order to adjust to their surroundings, organisms must respond to such stimuli like light, _ .   
A B C D %!/liS  
temperature, and pressure. hI#M {cz  
91. It seems likely that most people in modern western societies are more familiar, at least in a positive YyBq+6nq5  
A B /P:WQ*  
manner, with journalistic interviewing than with any any other forms of interviewing. f$*9 J  
C D .&!{8jBX  
92. The decision to withdraw all support from the activities of the athletes cause uproar among the fans. UDqKF85H  
A B C D V<I${i$]0  
93. The trumpet family is much more than a group of related instruments that can stir one with its Z8_gI[Zn  
A B C #AnSjl  
sound, or narrow tubes of metal capable of producing a variety of musical sounds. w!k4&Rb3  
D q2pao?aa  
94. Various surveys have been conducted into students’ reading speeds, which are measured by the <^Nj~+G'  
A B C l\y*wr`  
number of words reading in a minute. M!i5StGC  
D 8"rX;5 vP  
95. A good way of ridding yourself from certain kinds of dogmatism(教条主义)is to become aware of 51'SA B09  
A B D6:J* F&?  
opinions held in social circles different from you own. 2= mD  
C D -+Dvyr  
96. I can think of nothing more troublesome than reaching the theater and discover that I have left the HwK "qq-  
A B C D ~jTn jx  
ticket at home. K)@Buu&,p  
97. When we observe the language behavior of what we regard as primitive cultures, we find it striking <\mc|p"  
A B C ?8m/]P/~  
elaborate and complicated. kl9z;(6p  
D v[ '5X  
98. It is established that many of the world’s scientific literature is published in a language g_X7@Dt  
A B #^V"=RbD  
unintelligible to more than half the world’s scientists. Y'h'8 \  
C D uoHhp4>^  
99. We are all, whatever part of the world we come from, persuaded to believe that our own nation is c y$$}  
A B C .D`#a  
superior that all others. ^ I YN"yX_  
D RGLqn{<V  
100. Most people assume that a text in one language can be accurately translated into another language, 7:%K-LeaQu  
A B C n9Yk;D2  
unless the translator uses a good bilingual dictionary. @=c='V]  
D < i|+p1t  
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